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Date: jeu. 25 nov. 2021 à 09:17
Subject: Re: Merci,
To: Marc. - .

Message de Nelly, du dispensaire MKIE d'Elleniko, en réponse à un mot de Marc qui envoyait son 40e colis de l'année.


Καλημέρα Μαρκ,

Καλημέρα στην ομάδα σας,

Λάβαμε και τα τρία πακέτα και σας ευχαριστούμε πολύ εμείς και οι ωφελούμενοι μας.

Λάβαμε και το μήνυμά σας και μας συγκινήσατε.

We received all three packages and we and our beneficiaries thank you very much.

We also received your message and you moved us.

Dear Mark, I think you will agree with us that people with feelings of humanity, selflessness and solidarity is a minority in societies, but the contact and connection between them expands the minority and so we dream that this larger minority can make a difference and build more human-centered societies in the future. That is why we here, in the small community of MKIE, appreciate people like you and your intangible offerings such as your solidarity and your thinking because they give us courage and faith in the future.

With our friendship to all of you !



Nous avons bien les même idéaux que les pharmaciens, médecins, infirmières du Dispensaire MKIE. Ce sont les minorités qui bâtissent un  avenir centré sur l'humain. Soutenons-nous mutuellement, soutenons-les.


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